A 12-week step-by-step program for women over 40 who want beautiful, younger-looking skin

without Botox, fillers or expensive products.

Let me guess...

You hate to admit it, but you dread getting older...

You want to look AND feel healthy and vibrant as you age...

You want to feel confident in your own skin...

You want to stop wasting money on skincare products that don't work...

You want youthful, glowing, radiant skin, but you don't want Botox, fillers, or cosmetic procedures...

It's ALL possible for you. I want to help.


A 12-week program to turn back the clock and achieve radiant, youthful skin without Botox, fillers or expensive products.

Our time together will


Proven formula:

Lifetime access to the 12-week Natural Facelift Formula program with the exact strategies to achieve the glowing, younger-looking skin you desire.

Support & Accountability:

Weekly email check-ins to offer support and accountability to help keep you motivated.

Bonus #1:

7 Skin-Smoothing Smoothie recipes + 7 Age-Defying Dessert recipes. You'll NEVER feel deprived (chocolate is anti-aging)!

Bonus #2:

Anti-Aging Detox Support Tools + How To Choose Non-Toxic Beauty Products + Beauty Foods for Healthy Hair + Anti-Aging Superfoods Resource Guide.


  • Imagine not only looking, but feeling years younger.
  • Imagine replacing fine lines and dry skin with a glowing, smooth, radiant complexion.
  • Imagine people being shocked when you tell them your age.
  • Imagine actually embracing the aging journey instead of dreading it.
  • Imagine loving the skin you're in and aging with confidence.

This is my story...

Hello my friend, I’m Kimberly!

When I hit my 40s, I started to experience dull, dry skin and signs of premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. I recently had my son and the lack of sleep combined with too much caffeine, sugar, and processed food definitely took its toll on my skin and body.

I was exhausted and felt much older than my years...

I had tried numerous products but none of them worked as I’d hoped. So when I learned about the connection between nutrition, lifestyle and skin health, I was understandably a little skeptical. Surprisingly, as an aesthetician, I was taught that diet had very little impact on our skin.

I had already invested way too much money on creams and serums that didn’t deliver the results they promised, but I was willing to commit to making the necessary changes to my diet and lifestyle and I’m so grateful I did.

I quickly noticed that my skin was smoother and more radiant and my fine lines and wrinkles were diminished. I not only looked younger, BUT I felt younger, had more energy, slept better, and even lost weight.

I’m now in my 50s and feel even better than I did in my 20s…and YOU can too!

Client Love Notes

"Wow, what a well-organized professional detailed program you have developed!! As you know, I have been part of a few programs over the years and, honestly, this is the most well-organized one I have seen yet! I love that you give you the exact shopping list required for those 7 breakfast recipes...makes it so easy."

- Denise

"Ever since I had my last baby, I noticed that my skin was aging. I had wrinkles on my forehead, bags under my eyes, and really bad breakouts. People were starting to tell me that I looked tired all the time. I had 2 kids, and had started my own business and I was taking zero time for myself. I was desperate for a plan to start taking better care of myself. The Natural Facelift Formula was exactly what I needed. My acne cleared up, my skin was brighter, the bags under my eyes went away completely, my headaches were way less often and less severe, I could sleep better, I lost weight and people stopped telling me how tired I look."

- Jaime

"My skin looks brighter and not so dry and dull and I'm not stress eating as much. I really enjoyed reading all the information. A lot of knowledge to understand what goes on inside of us. Keep being the knowledgeable and approachable self that you are."

- Sabrina

Now is the time to have the ageless skin you desire.

I'm ready to guide you!

How it works...

Immediate Access

As soon as you sign up, you can get started right away! Everything is available as soon as you enroll.

Support & Accountability

Weekly email check-ins to offer support and accountability to help keep you motivated.


You’ll get the bonus recipes plus additional bonus anti-aging resources to help accelerate your transformation.

Here's what you'll learn...


Skin 101

  • Basic overview of the skin.
  • Factors that cause skin aging.
  • Anti-aging Kitchen Cleanout.
  • 7 Skin-Beautifying Breakast Recipes + Shopping List.


Hydration Rejuvenation

  • The importance of hydration for youthful, glowing skin.
  • The best foods to eat for optimal hydration.
  • Setting up your Hydration Station.
  • 7 Ageless Skin Snacks Recipes + Shopping List.


Beauty Nutrition Pt. 1

  • Macronutrients: The best carbohyrates, proteins + fats to eat for anti-aging.
  • 7 Age-Defying Dinner Recipes + Shopping List.


Beauty Nutrition Pt. 2

  • Micronutrients: Which vitamins and minerals are essential when it comes to aging and skin health.
  • 7 Skin-Loving Lunch Recipes + Shopping List.


Implementation Week

  • This is your week to catch up on any of the previous modules because sometimes life gets in the way!
  • The Natural Facelift Formula Checklist: Keep track of your progress, success and where you may need to focus more attention while making your way through the program.



  • What is inflammation? What causes it and how to reduce it?
  • Eat the rainbow - Phytochemicals and skin aging.
  • Fats: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  • Top Anti-Aging and Anti-Inflammatory Foods for younger-looking skin.


Beauty Begins In The Gut

  • The Gut + Skin Connection.
  • How to maintain a healthy, balanced digestive system to help turn back the clock.
  • Prebiotic + Probiotic foods for a healthy gut.


Glycation and Skin Aging

  • What is Glycation?
  • How does glycation age the skin and what can you do about it?
  • Foods that speed up or slow down the aging process.


Beauty Sleep

  • The importance of sleep and anti-aging.
  • Supplements for better sleep.
  • Sleep Hygiene Strategies to help you improve the quality of your sleep.


Stress and Your Skin

  • The aging effects of stress on your skin
  • Stress Busting Strategies to help reduce stress and premature skin aging.


Move Your Body

  • The Connection Between Exercise and your skin.
  • The benefits of exercise and moving your body in the fight against skin and body aging.
  • Simple strategies to get you moving.


Putting It All Together

  • Life After The Program.
  • The Natural Facelift Formula Questionnaire - Reflect on your successes, challenges and "A-ha" moments over the past 12 weeks.

PLUS you'll get these additional bonuses when you enroll in the Natural Facelift Formula:

Bonus #1

Skin Beautifying Recipes

  • 7 Skin-Smoothing Smoothie Recipes
  • 7 Age-Defying Dessert Recipes

Bonus #2

Anti-Aging Resource Guide

  • Anti-Aging Detox Support Tools
  • How To Choose Non-Toxic Beauty Products
  • Beauty Foods For Healthy Hair
  • Anti-Aging Superfoods

You are a perfect fit for this program if...

  • You want to stop wasting time and money on unnecessary products and treatments so you can nourish your skin from the inside out, feel confident, and age beautifully.

  • You want to stop spending hours on the internet researching products and spending ridiculous amounts of money on lotions and potions that promise a quick fix and don’t deliver results.

  • You are committed to making positive changes in your life so you can embrace aging instead of dreading it.

  • You are ready to commit to following my step-by-step formula even when life gets hectic. Don’t worry -- you’ll get so much support, you'll never feel like you're on your own!



  • 12-week Natural Facelift Formula program
  • Weekly email check-in from Kimberly
  • Bonus Skin Beautifying Recipes + Anti-Aging Resource Guide

Only $97 (USD)

See what others have to say...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long until I start to see results?

A. If you commit to following the program step by step, you should see results in as little as
two weeks.

Q. Will this program work for me?

A. If you’re ready to make the diet and lifestyle changes necessary to turn back the clock, I
promise you’ll see results. However, you have to do the work. This is not a quick fix,
magic-pill solution. If that’s what you’re looking for, this is not the program for you.

Q. How long will I have access to the program?

A. You will have lifetime access to the program. It’s yours to keep and refer back to as often
as you like.

Q. Is there any private 1:1 coaching included?

A. No, this is a self study version of my program. If you're looking for additional support, I do
offer private coaching as well. For more information, please email

Q. Are there any supplements or products included?

A. No, the self-study version does not include any supplements or products. If you would
like any recommendations, I would be more than happy to share some of my favourites.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. Due to the digital and downloadable nature of the program, we do not offer refunds. If
you have any questions or concerns, I recommend that you reach out to me before
purchasing at kimberly@kimberlyannrhn.com

Q. Are your services covered by insurance?

A. That depends on what services are covered under your benefits and your insurance
company. An R.H.N. (registered holistic nutritional consultant) may be covered under
Nutritional Counselling. Please contact your provider directly with any questions.

This is your chance to stop wasting your time and money on expensive products and cosmetic treatments and start nourishing your skin from the inside out, feeling confident, and aging beautifully.

Because we are talking about your skin after all - it’s one of the FIRST things people notice about you.

And I’m giving you the proven formula and supporting you along the way inside this transformational program.

I can't wait to help you!


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